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Books and booklets:

All of the following publications are available from Sigma Books, White Hollow, High Street, East Ilsley RG20 7LE, via mail-order or you can order on-line at Sigma Books. Royalties from the sales of our publications are fed back into the Society to support the research of our members.

The Society has published a series of local history booklets - the following are currently available -

  • "Stained glass windows in St.Mary's church, East Ilsley" by Molly Kennedy (includes full colour photos of all of the windows)
  • "The origins of East Ilsley and its name" by Nigel Wardell
  • "Monumental inscriptions of East Ilsley (a name index)" by Eric Saxton
  • "East Ilsley Parish Council: the first 100 years" by Bob Moulton
  • "The Hildesley Brass" by Eric Saxton (evidence for a reconstruction of how it originally looked)
  • "Far famed for sheep and wool - a history of East Ilsley's markets and fairs" by Nigel Wardell
  • "Historical walks in East Ilsley" by Sue Burnay (walks within the village with a historical slant)
  • "More historical walks around East Ilsley" by Sue Burnay (longer walks around the parish)
  • "Educating the Ilsleys - a history of schools 1805 - 2008" by Eric Saxton (a celebration of the school's centenary)
  • "A Drunken Worthless Creature - notes on parishioners, 1831" by Kay Sanderson (candid comments on the people who lived in EI in 1831 - originally written for the benefit of the incoming Rector)
  • "The history and architecture of St. Mary's church, East Ilsley" by Eric Saxton

All of the above booklets are priced at 2.00 each (+90p P&P if they need to be posted). We also have a new publication -

  • "Names Familiar To All - the stories of the East Ilsley War Memorial" by Kay Sanderson - book priced at 4 (+1.40 P&P if it needs to be posted)

Additionally, Sigma Books publishes Sue Burnay's book "Time, Gentlemen please" (300+ years of pubs and brewing in East and West Ilsley) - priced at 8.00 (+1.40 P&P).


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