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Local history CDs:

The Society has also produced a number of CDs, covering larger topics than can be fitted into the booklet series.

  • "Monumental inscriptions of East Ilsley" by Eric Saxton - full transcriptions and potted biographies, and photos of many of the memorials. (10.00 + 90p P&P)
  • "Transcripts of East Ilsley wills" by Eric Saxton - full transcripts of 46 wills of people commemorated in the churchyard (7.50 + 90p P&P)
  • "East Ilsley in the 1830s" by Sue Burnay & Nigel Wardell - interactive map and terrier listing (7.50 + 90p P&P)
  • "Educating the Ilsleys - a record of the school centenary exhibition" by Sue Burnay & Eric Saxton - includes all of the photos on display at the exhibition. (5.00 + 90p P&P)
  • "In the Name of God, Amen - transcripts of 190 East Ilsley wills (1504 - 1877)" by Eric Saxton - full transcripts, summaries of beneficiaries, and a full name index (10.00 + 90p P&P). This CD also contains the 46 wills which are in the earlier wills CD.

Note: royalties from sales of these publications go to the Society to help towards the costs of new research.


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