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Newsletters are sent out twice a year to all current members. These newsletters each contain a short feature article on topics being researched, as well as news of the Society's events and publications.

To download any of these documents, right click on the link and select "save target as".

  Feature article
Spring 2012 Smallpox epidemic of 1753
Autumn 2011 The history of the Star
Spring 2011 The 17th century clock which used to be in the tower of St. Mary's church
Autumn 2010 Memorials in East Ilsley
Spring 2010 East Ilsley Tradesmen's tokens
Autumn 2009 The lost Commons of East Ilsley
Spring 2009 Water and wells
Winter 2008 Centenary celebrations at The Ilsleys School
Spring 2008 Correlation of flooding with historic rainfall data
Summer 2007 The parish chest
Winter 2006 Earthwork survey - Pen Meadow
Summer 2006 Markets & fairs
Winter 2005 Surnames of E.Ilsley
Summer 2005 Geographical information systems


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